Photo Restoration

There are a lot of old pictures with mistakes and defects on prints and digital photos. Despite different possible shortcomings, damage, or mistakes, all of them are remediable.

Digital photo restoration covers all sorts of photo restoring, enhancing, and correction from old photo scan cleanings, renewal to noise reduction, RAW processing, and prepress. eClick provides photo correction and restoration services both for private individuals, photographers,and companies.

Old photos have to be digitally captured for restoration. We work both with single photos and with family photo archives that can be renewed, enhanced, and uniformed.

    • Easy
    • R 380 per Image
    • Minor stains
    • Dust and Scratches
    • Cracks and Creases,
    • Tear Cleaning
    • Slight photo fading
    • Slight photo discolouration
    • Medium
    • R 760 per Image
    • Moderate dirt cleaning
    • Moderate damages cleaning
    • Repair small missing parts
    • Moderate color correction
    • Severe
    • R 1235 per Image
    • Restoration of big missing parts
    • Restoration of face
    • Complex manipulations with people
    • Complex manipulations with background
    • Severe fog
    • Discolouring restoration

Photo Manipulation

Digital photo manipulation has a wide gamut of applications in day-to-day, commercial, and professional fields. It is used to manipulate real objects, situations, and facts to produce funny images or to change the environment of the man or object. 

eClick represents quality of photo montage, collage, and other photo manipulations. Our photo manipulation projects are dealt with very intensive image modifying and we are proud of the ability to make it properly and realistically.

We are able to execute objects adding/removing, their modifying, merging a number of separate pictures in a new one, and enhancing pictures manipulating background. We are able to perform face, clothes, people substitution, and creative images production, and we can also provide print and text manipulations. 

    • Simple
    • R 285 per Image
    • Facial Age Reduction
    • Body Shaping
    • Changing of clothing
    • Moderate
    • R 855 per Image
    • Adding Backgrounds
    • Adding People
    • Simple composite from Images